Feedback and comments from people we’ve worked with.

Einer der besten Berufstage meines Lebens. [weXelerate Grand Opening]

One of the best business days of my life. [weXelerate Grand Opening]

Andreas Brandstetter (AUT), CEO of UNIQA

TEDxKlagenfurt has been a striking and inspiring event, assembling a set of would-class speakers in the beautiful setting of Austria’s southernmost province and provoking great dialogue and thinking through a highly versatile and appealing agenda. It connected people across countries, professions and disciplines, tightly managed through a highly professional, courteous and friendly event crew. These guys understand what they are doing!

Christian Klezl (USA/AUT), Former VP of Corporate Strategy at IBM, Managing Director at IA Daimler AG

TEDxKlagenfurt was an exceptional experience. Everyone I met and spoke with felt enriched and inspired. Please accept my heartfelt congratulations to you and your wonderful team for the amazing TEDx event and for your service to society. I have no doubt that every one of your future events will be equally successful and rewarding.

Jigmi Y. Thinley (BHU), 1st prime minister of Bhutan

Es [weXelerate Grand Opening] war wirklich ein tolles Fest. Gut organisiert, guter Ablauf, bomben Stimmung.

It [weXelerate Grand Opening] was a great party. The organization was smooth, and the overall atmosphere was absolutely off the hook.

Alexander Wrabetz (AUT), Director General ORF

I had heard that TEDxKlagenfurt was a well run, high quality event, so I had high expectations. They were all exceeded. This was one of the most spectacular programs I have ever experienced. The quality of the speakers, the inspirational messages, the food, the pace, the energy and interaction with the attendees, the care with which all the volunteers took to take care of everything, and everyone, was inspiring. It was as if they thought about how to make each aspect perfect, and then added something to make it even better.

Rev. Dr. Brian Baker (USA), Dean of the Trinity Cathedral, Sacramento, California

I met Marko for the first time when speaker coaching and hosting the conference he curated – TEDxKlagenfurt – three years ago. I always enjoy working for him – until today. Marko is an outstanding speaker scout, community activator, team leader and conference curator. He is a natural in sensing trends and following his own influx of inspiration to remain always one step ahead.

Niki Ernst (AUT), TEDx ambassador, Founder of IACy & My School of Talk

Thank you for your energy, support and everything you brought to the table to help make TEDxKlagenfurt such an amazing event all around. You helped to change lives and you should be proud of that. It may have taken 2 years to get me here but for me it was definitely worth it!

Peter Sage (UK), Extreme Entrepreneur

What makes TEDxKlagenfurt so special is its incredibly ambitious team, its visional concept, breathtaking location, the friendly atmosphere and moments that just stay in your memory forever. TEDxKlagenfurt is more than just another event; it is an experience you just have to make. Thank you Marko Haschej and your team for an unforgettable experience and opportunity.

Beatrice Achaleke (CAM), Founder and CEO of Diversity Leadership, Mastermind of Globuntu Mindset & Writer

TEDxKlagenfurt was a huge success. The team’s superb planning, coupled with minute-by-minute precision showed off the their skills in hosting an international event for international stars. If you’re in two minds of whether to attend…GO – it only happens once a year!

Tia Kansara (UK), Director of Kansara Hackney Ltd. & Founder of Replenish