TEDxKlagenfurt 2016

TEDxKlagenfurt 2016 was an exceptional experience. Around 400 attendees and speakers from various backgrounds – entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, performers, students and more – made this whole-day event an unforgettable experience. With #DISRUPTyou as a theme we didn’t only ignite conversations about the next big startup idea, we also helped people to understand the importance and opportunity of personal disruption.

Zombie Boy at TEDxKlagenfurt
Mateja Jamnik at TEDxKlagenfurtTEDxKlagenfurt 2016


Year: 2016
Theme: #DISRUPTyou
Location: Schleppe Event Hall, Klagenfurt
Attendees: 400

Website: tedxklagenfurt.com

Zombie Boy (CAN), Guy Standing (GBR), Milo Moiré (CHE), David Anderson (USA), Cathy Kwanten (BEL), Dergin Tokmak aka STIX (GER), Dhairya Dand (IND), Katja Poppenhaeger (GER), Mateja Jamnik (SLO), Tonč Feinig (AUT), Kiss Me Yesterday (AUT/ITA), Natalie Haas (AUT), Regina Rowland (USA/AUT), Max Borchardt (AUT), Charlotte Ernst (AUT), William Del Negro (ITA)

Mazda Mazda

LR Christian Benger Regional minister Christian Benger

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“As it was an amazing event fulfilled with infectious, positive energy mixed with stimulating insights. This team is a joy to work with, as they are one by one quite remarkable people, whom you will love and appreciate at first sight/talk!”CATHY KWANTEN