TEDxKlagenfurt 2014
Ethicpreneurs ahead!

The second edition of TEDxKlagenfurt took place at castle Hallegg which is hidden in the woods between lakes and hills close to Klagenfurt. TEDxKlagenfurt 2014 happened to be the first whole day event of this series and it was sold out weeks in advance. The theme of the conference was “Ethicpreneurs ahead!” and we aimed to make ethics sexy again. The goal was to tackle ethical questions and challenges we face today in business and our daily lives. The speakers of TEDxKlagenfurt 2014 approach entrepreneurship and ethics from fresh and interesting angles. Amongst them were his excellency Jigmi Y. Thinley, 1st prime minister of Bhutan, Christian Klezl, VP of corporate strategy at IBM and Nat Ware, founder & CEO of 180 Degrees Consulting.


Year: 2014
Theme: Ethicpreneurs ahead!
Location: Castle Hallegg, Klagenfurt
Attendees: 340

Website: tedxklagenfurt.com

Jigmi Y. Thinley (BHU), Christian Klezl (AUT), Nat Ware (AUS), Simon Beck (UK), Beatrice Achaleke (CAM), Maggie Kramer (AUT), Julia Engelmann (GER), Till H. Groß (GER), Lisa Stern & Eric Spitzer-Marlyn  (AUT/USA), IYASA (ZIM), Bodo Förster (GER), Matakustix (AUT), Heimo Hammer (AUT), Sean Goff (SUI)

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LR Christian Benger Regional minister Christian Benger

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“What makes TEDxKlagenfurt so special is its incredibly ambitious team, its visionary concept, breathtaking location, the friendly atmosphere and moments that just stay in your memory forever. TEDxKlagenfurt is more than just another event; it is an experience you just have to make.”BEATRICE ACHALEKE