TEDxKlagenfurt 2013
Powering Up.

In April 2013 the idea of organizing a TEDx event in Klagenfurt, the most southern major city of Austria, was born. With a team of 6 volunteers we started preparing and organizing the first TEDxKlagenfurt in history. The event was mainly funded by the EU project EES. With choosing “Powering Up.” as the conference’s theme we therefore focused strongly on topics such as energy, sustainability and green tech. At the half day event we had 10 international speakers and performers sharing their ideas on future developments and technologies.


Year: 2013
Theme: Powering Up.
Location: Castle Maria-Loretto, Klagenfurt
Attendees: 170

Website: tedxklagenfurt.com

Tia Kansara (UK), Nadya Zhexembayeva (KAZ), Jesse Marsh (USA), Jana Revedin (AUT), Dejan Štemberger (SLO), Peter Piccotini (AUT), Japec Jakopin (SLO), Christian Bauer (AUT), Florian Brody (AUT/USA), Dietmar Stuck (AUT)

ees EES

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“TEDxKlagenfurt was a huge success. The team’s superb planning, coupled with minute-by-minute precision showed off the their skills in hosting an international event for international stars.”TIA KANSARA